About- Pingelly Hotel

About Us

Pingelly hotel, established in 1889 is a heritage hotel located in pingelly, Western Australia (WA). We take pride in providing comfortable accommodation at an affordable price within pingelly. We are mainly known for our well-kept rooms & our friendly behavior. Since 1889, we have welcomed a large number of guests from all over Western Australia (WA). Along with providing comfortable accommodation, we also run a pub where you can spend some quality time with chilled beer accompanied by some delicious cuisines.

Our Values

  • Progressive: we believe in continuous progress & that is why we focus on improving our services.

  • Collaborative: our staff are very much welcoming & collaborative when it comes to customer service.

  • Real: we always tend to keep things real & maintain transparency with our customers.

  • Respectful: we respect our customers & we value their need & requirements because our customers are our top priority.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide well maintained & comfortable rooms at an affordable price.

  • We want to make you feel relaxed & spend some quality time with your dear ones.

  • Our mission is to share our cultural heritage with our customers to make them aware about our antiquity.